Prayer is our first priority, because a busy programme won't achieve anything without God's help. Praying together is the most powerful thing a church can do. Most of us join the prayer meeting on the first Tuesday of each month (except August). We keep each other up to date with prayer news here
Christians give what God provides to express thanks. We give sacrificially as Jesus gave himself for others. We contribute what we can, financially or in other ways, to pay for ministry we receive and to offer good news to others. Christians give because they want to, and we keep it private so no-one feels obliged. (Contact our treasurer or administrator in confidence.) 
The best way to belong is to join a team. God gives each of us a way we can help the rest. Some serve coffee, play in the band, care for children, help with tech or do odd jobs. Most encourage and pray for others in a small group. One of the best ways to grow is to teach the Bible. Contact a staff member to talk about options.

Planning your Visit