Staying safe 

We want everyone to feel able to come so we are taking precautions to keep risks low. 

  • Space – groups of chairs are spaced apart, 2m from the row behind. 
  • Air – high ceiling, most wear face coverings, we monitor air and open windows as needed, with under-floor heating. 
  • Hands– hand sanitiser, extra regular cleaning and very few shared surfaces to touch.   
  • Caution– most are fully vacinnated, many are taking regular tests, we watch at home if unwell or in contact with Covid virus.

If several others test positive, you will be informed so you can take a test. We wait until the end to chat and there is a covered outdoor area for that if wanted. 

Sundays in the building Sept21
For more detail, follow the link to our full ‘risk assessment for services & church groups during COVID-19’.