Our team 

Every believer has a part to play. Our staff and leaders "equip" rather than replace church members. (Ephesians 4v12). 

Paula A   David Binns
Paula Ayliffe (leadership team)   David Binns (leadership team)
Paula became a Christian as a teenager and has worked in schools for over 40 years as a headteacher and researcher. She is a widow with three grown-up children and loves going on long walks with friends.   David is married to Zoë and has a daughter at school. He is a software engineer, volunteers with Friends International and loves reading the Bible with people from other countries.

Hugh Cornes   Jonathan Davies
Hugh Cornes (youth & student worker)   Jon Davies (leadership team)
Hugh is married to Francie. He loves any sport going, crosswords and rap.  He studied history in Durham but can't help you with dates in a quiz.  Email Hugh here.   Jon is a software engineer and Cambridge PhD. He enjoys learning languages, Formula 1 and Southampton FC. Jon and Tessa have two children at school.

01Claire   02Frank
Claire Mason (women & children's worker)   Frank Price (vicar)
Claire left a career in dentistry to share Jesus with children in the Wirral and later Sevenoaks. She enjoys going for a run with friends. Email Claire here.   Frank served at St Andrew the Great, Hinckley and East London. He was a medical lawyer and plays guitar. Frank and Katherine have three daughters at school and uni. Email Frank here.


Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson (associate vicar)   Helen Wilson (administrator)
Tom grew up in Hampshire then lived in Devon for 10 years before coming to Cambridge. Tom's married to Gemma and they have two boys and a girl. He loves playing music and cycling.  Email Tom here.   Helen enjoys the mixture of people and paper that administrative life brings. She enjoys baking, listening to cricket & going for the occasional run. Go well! Email Helen here.


Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, here's a short video to help you get to know us.
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New here?

New to Cambridge? Curious about God? Looking for a church?

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We welcome people of all faiths or none to come and visit any Sunday at 10.30am or 5pm or you can watch from home online to get an idea of what to expect. If you are new to all this, you won’t be alone. We'd love to answer questions and get to know you.

I hope to meet you soon.

Frank Price (vicar)