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Why give?
Christians give to thank God and imitate Jesus who gave himself for others. We're partners in the gospel and contribute what we can for the ministry we receive and to offer good news free to others. We keep it private so no-one feels obliged. (Contact our treasurer or administrator in confidence.) 

How is it spent?
Mostly to pay pastors, preachers, youth or children's workers, who help us share the good news, love others and keep believing. We also spend a little on running groups and events for church family and evangelism, and to keep our buildings safe and welcoming. At least 10% is sent to mission partners elsewhere. We publish an annual report and accounts.

How much?
There are no rules and circumstances vary. Some can only give a little but it means a lot to Jesus. Most give a proportion of their regular income. For example if 10 households give 10% that provides an average income for a gospel worker. Others are able to make a one-off gift from savings, which helps with projects like improving church buildings or housing a worker. 

how to give

what if I pay tax?

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