Roots (20s - 30s)

Most church members are part of a smaller group where they pray for and help each other live as Christians. As groups we meet to consider how Sunday's Bible readings apply to everyday life and work as a team to share the good news with others.

Roots is our group for young adults, members are mostly single people or couples in their 20s or 30s working, training or studying in Cambridge. 

We meet at 7pm in a local home for a meal together and then from 7.45pm until 9.15pm we have a Bible discussion. The group provides an opportunity to grow friendships and meet up socially at other times in the week.

We meet like this weekly, except for the first Tuesday of each month when we join together with other groups for the church prayer meeting. Prayer is essential, without God being at work we can't be effective, so prayer meetings are our first priority as a church.

Please contact us to try a group or visit any Tuesday.