How to give

Through the bank
ST MATTHEWS PCC, sort code 08-92-99, account 65255667, fill in the form below & we'll send details to your bank (or download standing order form or contact us to post one).
In your will
If you leave 10% to charity it can reduce tax rates. Name St Matthew's PCC, a registered charity. You can get a free will from  The needs of church change so please leave discretion.
Card reader on the right inside the entrance. Ask if you are unsure how to use.
Cash or cheques
Letter box in the wall on the right inside the entrance.  Use envelopes next to it, payable to 'St Matthew's PCC.'

Can I choose a need?
You could label a gift 'mission', 'staff' or 'buildings' for example, on the envelope or online 'reference.' Please be flexible about how it's used to ease our administration and in case the needs change after a gift is given.

Standing order form

Full name (no joint names):
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Address line 3:

  I would like to pay St Matthew's PCC, at Co-operative Bank Plc, Customer Services, PO Box 250, Skelmersadale, WN8 6WT, 08 92 99 65255667
the sum of
each month year until further notice, the first payment to be on the


Planning your Visit