Bible and prayer

Most Christians aim for a daily habit of listening to God speak from the Bible and talking to him in prayer. 
Good Book Company Explore app to read the Bible from your phone each day, with questions, explanation and prayers.
You can also order the printed booklet.
Prayermate Prayermate app to pray consistently for people and causes you choose with lists, suggestions and reminders.
redeeming time Redeeming Time app helps us use the time we would have spent swiping, reading the Bible.
Bible project BibleProject animated videos of the big picture of each Bible book on YouTube.
  Lumo The Lumo Project All 4 gospels as short videos word-for-word from the Bible, in English or other languages.
  reading between the lines (2) Reading between the lines 7 min videos each on a verse of the Bible, produced by Speak Life.
DayByDayLogo.087149df Day by Day Bible Devotionals Short daily bible passages, explanations and suggestions for prayer that are written with teenagers in mind. 


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