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What if we don't go to church?

You can still get married at any Church of England church if you or your parents have ever lived locally or attended for at least 6 months. Visit any Sunday to see what you think.

When can we have the wedding?

With a few months' notice, you can choose any time from 10am to 6pm on Saturdays and bank holidays or between 1pm and 4pm on Sundays.

Will we need marriage preparation?

We ask you to meet with the vicar and attend our Life Explored course (or similar elsewhere) to understand the Christian context of your wedding. Here's a brief introduction to Christianity.

How much does it cost?

The Church of England charges about £500 (in 2021) to cover legal fees and all other costs, we are a not-for-profit charity. There are no extras to pay, but we leave it to you arrange and pay for flowers and musicians if wanted. You are also very welcome to hire our halls for the reception.

Does residence or nationality matter?

If either partner is not British or lives outside England, Ireland and Wales, we are required to apply for a licence. This is to check that the marriage will be recognised elsewhere, and also as a safeguard against illegal immigration. For application forms phone 0207 2225381 10am-4pm Mon-Fri ely.registry@1thesanctuary.com

What about remarriage after divorce?

Marriage breakdown can happen to anyone and sometimes it can be right to remarry. We are happy to offer advice but prefer to leave the decision to you and so we offer a service of prayer and dedication after civil marriage to all couples. There is no fee to pay.

What about same-sex marriage?

The Church of England is not legally authorised to conduct same-sex weddings or blessings, but we would very much like to meet and support you, and you are warmly welcome at any of our church activities. Here are some "Christian and gay" life stories and FAQs

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