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Most church members are part of a smaller group where they pray for and help each other live as Christians. As groups, we meet to consider how Sunday's Bible readings apply to everyday life and work as a team to share the good news with others.  They meet around the city in church members' homes, most Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.  There are also women's groups on Thursday mornings and occasional events for men at the weekend, and a short course for those who are exploring the Christian faith, or who want a refresher on the basics for beginners.

We want to make every effort to continue to meet with each other in our small groups.  This gives us an opportunity to encourage each other to keep on trusting in the Lord Jesus (Hebrews 10:24-25) which we believe is essential.

Coffee Pot meets weekly with coffee & cake and a short Bible thought and time to ask questions or ask for prayer. We meet at 11am - 12noon most Wednesdays. Click here for a full calendar of events.

We meet like this weekly, except for the first Tuesday of each month when we join together with other groups for the church prayer meeting. Prayer is essential, without God being at work we can't be effective, so prayer meetings are our first priority as a church.

Please contact us to try a group, or if you would prefer to meet in a small group online.

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