Children and Youth

Children and youth need time with parents looking at the Bible and talking about Jesus. These resouces are pitched at their level.
  changing lanes

Changing lanes are eight-minute videos for youth Exploring Christianity, with hint sheets and questions.

Faith in Kids

Faith in kids produce videos and podcasts teaching the Bible with stories and songs. Check them out on Facebook or on YouTube.

Good Book Company

The Good Book Company are a Christian publishing company who have a whole page dedicated to resources for families at home.

Awesome cutlery
Awesome Cutlery make child-friendly Christian songs for the whole family. They have lots of videos on their YouTube channel.
Michael J Tinker
Michael J Tinker is a Christian kids musician. You can find him on YouTube or Facebook.
  Thorny questions Thorny questions are four-minute videos on big objections to the Bible produced for youth by Speak Life.
video bible talks Video Bible talks are free collections of engaging 10-15 min Bible talks for teenagers.
DayByDayLogo.087149df Day by Day Bible Devotionals Short daily bible passages, explanations, and suggestions for prayer that
are written with teenagers in mind. 

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