Today's issues

Christians with specialist experience or training apply the Bible to contemporary questions.
Christians Against Poverty website offers free debt help, practical and emotional support, and hope.
Acts435 Acts 435 charity, connects those who want to give with those in genuine need, through local churches and charities.
The Gospel Coalition  
The Gospel Coalition website has sermons on almost every part of the Bible and 8 min. reads on current issues
  A Rocha UK  
A Rocha UK (website) for protection and restoration of nature equipping Christians to care for the environment.
 website to help students think through and communicate faith.
 website is put together by Christian scientists to answer common questions about science and the Bible.

Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation website trained, experience counsellors on mental health and all the troubles we face
Christian Medical Fellowship resources from professionals on abortion, euthanasia, IVF, alternative therapies and coronavirus.
  Living out

Living Out website Christian and gay or trans FAQs and personal stories
The Faraday Institute facilitates informed debate between science and religion. Their website has papers, videos and details of courses.


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