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People of all faiths and none are welcome to come as little or often as you like. If you'd like to be a church member and receive the Lord's supper, we only ask that you are baptised and affirm the baptism vows: "I repent of the sin separates us from God and neighbour, I turn to Christ as Saviour and I submit to Christ as Lord." You can find out what we believe or download a membership form.

About us

We are evangelical Christians committed to the good news of salvation in Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, as revealed in Scripture alone, to the glory of God alone. Members share those convictions without dividing over other issues. We belong to the Church of England, but we belong to Christ first, so we welcome Christians from any background.

St Matthew's Church was planted 150 years ago in a deprived area. The founder chose "we preach Christ crucified" for his first sermon. The congregation grew quickly and started two more churches, schools and a medical centre. Archbishop Justin Welby was one of hundreds who joined during a renewal in the 1970s.

In 2008 newcomers joined as a "church graft" from St Andrew the Great in central Cambridge. We are now praying that God might enable us to send a preacher and a team in a similar way. You can download a leaflet to find out more about our building and history.