Dig deeper

Followers of Jesus want to grow in their faith. These resources help us pray, read the Bible and apply it to all of life. 
Good Book Company
Explore app helps you read the Bible each day from your phone. Choose any Bible book or a theme and you'll get a reading for each day with questions, a short explanation and prayer suggestions.
Prayermate Prayermate app helps you pray consistently for the people and causes you care about, know what to pray for, and get into a habit of prayer.
The Gospel Coalition
The Gospel Coalition website has sermons on almost every part of the Bible and short blogs on contemporary issues. 
BeThinking website was created to help university students think through and communicate faith.
Bible project
BibleProject animated videos explaining the big picture of each book of the Bible on YouTube.
CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) website has help from experienced Biblical counselors on the troubles we face.
CMF Christian Medical Fellowship offers resources from medical professionals on issues including abortion, euthanasia, IVF, alternative therapies and coronavirus.
  Living out Living Out website from Christians with experience of same-sex attraction looking at sexuality and identity from a Biblical viewpoint and sharing their stories
The Lumo Project Watch all four gospels as a series of short videos word-for-word from the Bible, in English or other languages.
  reading between the lines (2) Reading between the lines a series of seven minute videos each on one verse of the Bible, produced by Speak Life.