Explore Christianity

If you are a beginner and want to look at reasons for believing, you have come to the right place. Start with: What is Christianity? or let us know if you'd like to try a course.
Speak Life 
Speak Life have a quick three video series called 3-2-1 outlining the essentials of Christianity.
Christianity Explored Christianity Explored has short videos with answers to tough questions like 'why is there suffering?' or 'how can I trust the Bible?'
William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith gives an intelligent, articulate Christian perspective on the existence of God, the meaning of life and the nature of truth. You can find their website here and YouTube channel here.
Faraday The Faraday Institute facilitates informed debate between science and religion. Their website has papers, videos and details of courses.
BioLogos BioLogos website is put together by Christian scientists to answer common questions about science and the Bible.
   changing lanes
Changing Lanes is a series of eight-minute videos for youth introducing Christianity, with hint sheets questions.
   Christinity explored Christianity Explored 10 videos of about 15 minutes each from the original course going through Christian basics.